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Elevate Your Practice: 
Advanced Hatha Yoga Immersion
Yoga Alliance 16 Hours YACEP Certification Course
with Master Kamal


The Advanced Hatha Yoga Immersion YACEP Certification Course is a comprehensive program that covers four key topics: Backbend, Twisting, Arm Balance, and Inversion. These topics are essential for anyone looking to deepen their yoga practice and take it to the next level. Each topic is taught in detail, with a focus on correct alignment, proper technique, breath control and the use of props.

Backbend (4 Hours):

This section focuses on opening the chest and strengthening the spine. This is achieved through a series of challenging backbend poses. You will learn how to safely and effectively enter and exit these poses, as well as how to modify them to suit their individual needs.

Twisting (4 Hours):

It focuses on detoxifying the body and improving digestion. Master will guide us each advanced twisting poses step by step using different techniques, and make sure you can learn how to twist safely and effectively. Master will also guide us the importance of breath control in these challenging poses.

Arm Balance (4 Hours):

You will learn how to balance on hands and arms in the advanced arm balance postures. Arm balances are challenging that require both strength and balance, and they can be incredibly empowering when mastered. Master will guide you how to master these advanced postures by keeping your core engaged and your gaze focused.

Inversion (4 Hours):

Inversions are powerful poses that can help to increase circulation, boost energy levels, and improve overall health. The section will cover advanced inversion poses with a focus on proper alignment and the use of props to support the body.


Overall, the Advanced Hatha Yoga Immersion YACEP Certification Course is an excellent opportunity for anyone who want to deepen their practice and learn new skills. By focusing on these four key topics, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of the foundational elements of a strong advanced yoga practice.

** Upon completion of the full course, you will receive a Certificate of Completion which counts towards 16 contact hours for Yoga Alliance YACEP Continuing Education



Backbend (4 Hours)

9 September, Saturday



Twisting (4 Hours)

16 September, Saturday


Arm Balance (4 Hours)

23 September, Saturday


Inversion (4 Hours)

30 September, Saturday



TOTAL 16 Hours



Early-Bird Offer - 10% OFF

(Ends 8 August 2023)

Full Course (Total 16 Hours) - HK$6,615

Drop-in any 1 session (4 Hours) - HK$1,818


Regular Price

Full Course (Total 16 Hours) - HK$7,350

Drop-in any 1 session (4 Hours) - HK$2,020


  • Early-Bird Offer ends 8 August 2023

  • Upon purchase, there will be no refund for any cancellation

  • The purchase is non-refundable, non-transferable and cannot be redeemed for cash

  • Photos and videos may be taken during the workshop, solely for marketing purposes

  • Adhere to the general terms of the studio policy


To register, please contact us by either of the following means:

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