Hip Flexibility & Hip Mobility Workshop with Master Mariappan

DATE: 3 December 2022, Saturday

TIME: 2:30-5:30pm (3 Hours)

Many of us have tight hips, from those who spend all day sitting, to regular runners, golfers, gym-goers and professional athletes. Tight hips could cause injuries, walking problems, back pain and posture issues. Flexibility and mobility are important in hips - lack of hip exercise or too much strength training without proper warm up can cause tightness. 

This workshop will focus on hip opening with understanding of the anatomy of the hip region, warm-up sequences to get our body prepared for a series of hip opening yoga asanas, and various yoga practices for enhancing hips flexibility and mobility, and maintaining healthy hips. 

Suitable for ALL levels, from beginners who want to improve hip flexibility and mobility to experienced yoga practitioners who want to enhance the knowledge and advance the yoga practice.

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