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To register, please contact our reception at studio,

by email ( or phone (+852 3586 9630).

Inversion Workshop with Master Kamal
18 April 2021, 2.30-5.30pm

Join Master Kamal for this Inversion Workshop to learn how to balance and fly! 

This workshop is designed to teach students how to engage the body and find the balance upside down. You will learn key techniques on how to enter, maintain and exit the inversion poses. All levels are welcome, as various options of inversions will be taught. Either for those who have not tried any inversion poses but are willing to learn and try something new or those who want to further advance your inversion practice.

To register, please contact our reception at studio,

by email ( or phone (+852 3586 9630).

Yoga Wellness Workshop with Master Kamal
4 July 2020, 2-5pm

During the 3-hours workshop, Master Kamal will guide you towards boosting up your immune system and beat virus season with purifying twists, and balancing poses, rejuvenating the body and relaxing the mind. The workshop includes theories and physical yoga practices as well as tips to strengthen our immune system. A goodie bag will be distributed to each participant during the workshop!

To register, please contact our reception at studio,

by email ( or phone (+852 3586 9630).

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International Yoga Day 
21 June 2020, 9.30-10.30am

To kick start the International Yoga Day, join us with a few rounds of sun salutations with mantras, pranayama and kirtan! There will be yoga demonstration by our Master!

It’s a FREE event! We aim to celebrate and share the joy to kick start the day.


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International Yoga Day - Online Yoga in a Nutshell
27 June 2021, 9.30-10.30am

Join us in the Online Yoga in a Nutshell to celebrate the International Yoga Day. It’s FREE ❤️

The one-hour section will be guided by our Masters, which combines sun vinyasa, yoga for hip opening, and pranayama and meditation therapy for everybody to get a chance to understand yoga in order to help relaxation in the body and mind. The event aims to help you be present in each posture and allow you to move along with your breaths, and keep you active, rejuvenate your body and calm your mind.


Young, old, yogi and non-yogi – together with us, let’s gather with the shared intention of yoga practice and come together to share the joy of the International Yoga Day. All levels are welcome.


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