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Unlocking Lower Body Mobility:
Hip Opener & Hamstring Release
with Master Mariappan



Many of us have tight hips and hamstrings, from those who spend all day sitting, to regular runners, golfers, gym-goers and professional athletes. The repetitive movements or lack of movement can contribute to muscle imbalances and stiffness in these areas. 

This workshop will focus on lower body mobility with understanding of the anatomy of these regions, warm-up sequences to get our body prepared for a series of yoga asanas, and various takeaway daily yoga practices for enhancing the flexibility and mobility.

Participants can expect to experience improved range of motion, increased flexibility, and enhanced overall mobility in their lower body. They will learn techniques to release tightness, improve flexibility, and facilitate better movement patterns in the hips and hamstrings.

The workshop will be led by Master Mariappan who will guide participants through the exercises and provide modifications or adjustments as needed. 

Suitable for ALL levels, from beginners who want to improve lower body mobility to experienced yoga practitioners who want to enhance the knowledge and advance the yoga practice.



Hip Opener Session (3.5 Hours)

2 October 2023



Hamstring Release Session (3.5 Hours)

23 October 2023




Early-Bird Offer - 10% OFF

(Ends 24 September 2023)

Both sessions (Total 7 Hours) - HK$2,950 (including 2 Group Class Gift Vouchers)

Any 1 session (3.5 Hours) - HK$1,638 (including 1 Group Class Gift Voucher)


Regular Price

Both sessions (Total 7 Hours) - HK$3,276 (including 2 Group Class Gift Vouchers)

Any 1 session (3.5 Hours) - HK$1,820 (including 1 Group Class Gift Voucher)


  • Early-Bird Offer ends 24 September 2023

  • Upon purchase, there will be no refund for any cancellation

  • The Group Class Gift Voucher must be used on or before 31 October 2023

  • The purchase is non-refundable, non-transferable and cannot be redeemed for cash

  • Photos and videos may be taken during the workshop, solely for marketing purposes

  • Adhere to the general terms of the studio policy


To register, please contact us by either of the following means:

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