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with Master Ankit


Inversions are yoga poses where the head is positioned below the heart. Inversion poses offer numerous physical and mental benefits, including improved circulation, increased strength and balance, enhanced focus, and a sense of empowerment.

This workshop will focus on inverted poses from a holistic perspective. Learn different variations of inversion poses. Whilst you will also learn how to overcome fear and find peace and control in these poses.

During the workshop, you will be guided through a progressive series of exercises and techniques to safely and effectively explore inversions. Master Ankit will provide step-by-step instructions, alignment cues, and modifications to accommodate various skill levels and body types. Safety is a top priority. You will be taught how to use props, engage appropriate muscles, and avoid common mistakes or injuries. 

By the end of the workshop, you will gain a deeper understanding of inversions, increased confidence in your ability to practice them, and tools to continue exploring and integrating inversions into your regular yoga practice. This workshop offers a supportive and empowering environment for you to challenge yourself, expand your practice, and experience the transformative benefits of inversions.



21 January 2024 (Sunday)





Early-Bird Offer (Ends 14 January)


Regular Price


**  Purchase Yoga Wheel Workshop at the same time for extra $100 OFF

**  Each participant will receive a Her Own Words - Gift Bag (worth over $400!!)


  • Early-Bird Offer ends 14 January 2024

  • Upon purchase, there will be no refund for any cancellation

  • The purchase is non-refundable, non-transferable and cannot be redeemed for cash

  • Photos and videos may be taken during the workshop, solely for marketing purposes

  • Adhere to the general terms of the studio policy


To register, please contact us by either of the following means:

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