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Class Descriptions

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Alignment Yoga

In this class, postures are practiced to align, strengthen and promote flexibility in the body. Alignment yoga can reduce the risk of injury. Our Masters put extra attention on which muscles are used and how they are used to ensure the accuracy of posture is performed. Alignment yoga uses props to attain precise placement of the body in the asana . This class will be structured to adapt to all students, using multiple variations of each pose for different levels of experience and ability. Suitable for all levels.

Ashtanga Vinyasa

Ashtanga means "Eight Limb Path" in Sanskrit. Ashtanga Vinyasa involves physically demanding sequence of postures. The sequence of postures includes sun salutations and a series of standing and floor postures. Ashtanga Vinyasa links your breaths to movements.


Backbend Yoga

This class focuses on backbends which increase your flexibility and extending your limits. Practicing backbends open up the front body, and improve the mobility of your lumbar and thoracic spine. For those who struggle with backbends, you will be given tools and support to target and work on the areas of restriction. For those who would like to go further, you can get ready to explore the new dimensions of backbending. Suitable for all levels.

Back Care Yoga

This class is specially designed to ease back pain and postural back problems including scoliosis. The class focuses on alignment-based yoga on a step by step basis. Our instructor would modify the postures according to your back problems.

Balancing Yoga

Balancing Yoga connects the body to the mind and achieve various balance postures. This class helps students to identify the imbalances and create symmetry by balancing strength and flexibility in the body. Integrate your mind, body and breath in this safe and supportive environment.

Core Strength Yoga

This class focuses on core strengthening based on various traditional yoga postures. Our instructors will teach you the proper breathing techniques for different postures in order to enhance the engagement of the deep abdominal muscles. It aims to activate and condition the core muscles.

Detox Yoga

This class incorporates twisting asana postures to support the body detoxification that build up in the digestive, endocrine and lymphatic systems in our daily life. Various asanas could help wringing toxins out of digestive organs, stimulating fresh blood flow, and improving balance, both mentally and physically. 

Forward Bend Yoga

This class focuses on forward bend which helps to stretch out any tightness in the tissues along the entire back surface of the body, from the connective tissue on the soles of the feet, to the muscles along the backs of the calves and thighs, to the back of the hips, right the way along the muscles and connective tissue at back of the torso, alongside the spine and across the back of the shoulders, as even (gently) the ligaments between the spinal vertebrae themselves. Suitable for all levels.

Hatha Yoga

It is the traditional yoga practice in India. The word Hatha means forceful in Sanskrit. Hatha Yoga is a tool used for physical and mental transformation. It requires constant attention to breaths which helps you be present in each posture. The postures can strengthen your body and the meditations can help you focus and calm the mind. 

Hips & Hamstrings Stretch

This class will increase your lower body flexibility, release tension and stiffness from your hips and hamstrings. The hips are one of the most commonly locked areas in the body, especially for people who sit down at a desk for long hours daily. In this class we will work on multiple hip, glute and lower back activation and opening exercises. This enables students to make significant improvements to their yoga pose. Suitable for all levels.

Indian Classical Dance

Indian classical dance forms achieved excellent reputations all over the world in the field of performing arts. This class focuses on one of the popular and widely recognized Indian classical dance forms - Bharatanatyam.  Bharatanatyam is a major form of Indian classical dance that originated in Tamil Nadu, the Southern India, which expresses South Indian religious stories and devotions. It traces its origin back to the Natyashastra, an ancient treatise on theatre written by the mythic priest Bharata, originally a temple dance for women. Bharatanatyam is indeed a wonderful cardio workout, it tones our muscles, improves blood circulation as well as bone density, and helps developing peace of mind. Suitable for all, ladies and gentlemen, and all levels.


This class focuses on different inversion poses which can help you improving circulation and balance, strengthening and energizing the body, strengthening the nervous system, detoxify the body, improving brain function and calming the mind.


Kids Yoga

This class combines yoga and games which is specifically designed for kids. We aim to teach the kids to maintain a healthy body and healthy mind. The class focuses on the fundamentals of yoga which could help having better body awareness, flexibility and conditioning. We emphasize building confidence and respect for oneself and others in an environment that is safe and fun.

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga is an uplifting blend of spiritual and physical practices, and it is also being considered as one of the mysterious yoga practices. The class could be physically demanding and mentally challenging. It aims to help you releasing the Kundalini energy that is coiled at the base of your spine. You will learn how to tap into the Kundalini-Shakti Power by fast-moving postures with periods of relaxation and attention to internal sensations and the flow of energy. The class also involves different meditation, chanting, mudras and breathing exercises.

Neck, Shoulders & Upper Back Stretch

This class focuses on building strength and improve flexibility of your neck, shoulders and upper back. The designed dynamic sequence and modified poses will make your upper body feel comfortable. Different techniques (breathing and asanas) to help students stretch and open their joints safely. Suitable for all levels.

Power Yoga

Power Yoga is an intensive fitness-based approach to vinyasa practice. Power Yoga could enhance stamina, flexibility, postures, balance and mental focus. This high intensity and calorie burning practice could also help relieving tensions, releasing toxins and losing weights.


Pranayama Meditation

Pranayama is a formal practice of breath control. During the class, you will learn how to control your breath, generate energy and develop concentration. Pranayama is derived from two Sanskrit words, Prana and Ayama. Prana means life force, vital energy, particularly, the breath. Ayama means control. Pranayama means controlling the breath by combining the two words. With the help of the pranayama, our instructor will guide you throughout the meditation process which turn your attention inward with one-pointed focus, bring a sense of peace and help you increase self-acceptance. The meditative practice involves concentrated focus on something such as a sound, image or feeling.

Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga focuses on body and mind relaxation. It helps you slowing down and opening your body through passive stretching. You would spend more time in fewer postures throughout the class. Many of the postures are modified to be easier and more relaxing. Various props are there to help you sink deeper into relaxation. Restorative Yoga is definitely a good yoga practice for those who struggle with insomnia, anxiety or any stress-related illnesses.

Singing Bowls Meditation

Singing bowls can generate a type of energy vibration to help you to reduce stress, heal pain or depression and create a deep sense of peace, well-being and better health. Our instructor will use singing bowls as tools to release tension in your body and ease your mind. The class includes breathing exercise, vocal and singing bowl meditations. Immerse yourself in the rich overtones of the singing bowls which have been in use for over a thousand years for healing, cleansing and relaxation.

Slim Fit Yoga

This class is specially designed to help fat-burning and increase lymphatic flow. It involves various stretching and twisting postures, in which the heavy sweating could detox your body, and the intensive stretching could tone your waistline, thigh and hip.

Twisting Yoga

This class focuses on twists of the upper, middle and lower parts of the spine. Twists rotate the spine and stretch the muscles of the back. This helps to restore and retain the spine’s natural range of motion. Through twisting, the spine can be lengthened, get more space between the bones which leads to a better energy flow. Twists give us an instant energy lift and decompress the vertebrae in a safe and healthy way. Twists help to stimulate our organs, including our organs of elimination which in turn can help stimulate our metabolism and rate of excretion. Suitable for all levels.



Vinyasa is a smooth flow of movements between asanas in a controlled system of breath and movement. It connects one posture to the next using the breath. Since there is only one breath per movement, the practice could be vigorous and challenging. This class may place more emphasis on fitness and less on spiritual development.


Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa Flow is a dynamic practice with a series of postures. It is one of the most popular forms of yoga these days. During the class, you will not be holding any specific posture for long. The fast movements could raise your heart rate and get your body moving. The class is perfect for you if you are looking for a brisk class instead of the meditative focus.

Wheel Yoga

The Wheel Yoga class is a combination of yoga wheel and traditional yoga postures. It is designed to release tension in tight areas. Yoga wheel helps to stretch different groups of muscles such as the upper back, chest, hip flexors, hamstrings, shoulders and abdomen. It also helps to build core strength, balance and healthy spine. Our Masters will guide you how to move deeper into different postures with the help of the yoga wheel in a fun and safety way. Suitable for all levels.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a slow-paced style of yoga with postures, that are held for longer periods of time. Beginners may stay in one posture for forty-five seconds to two minutes while advanced practitioners may stay in one posture for five minutes or more. Yin Yoga postures involve deep stretching and hip opening. The dynamic movements that affect the connective tissues of the body, tendons, fascia, and ligaments, could improve flexibility of joints. It is a more meditative approach to yoga. It aims to raise awareness of inner silence, and eventually find the universal quality of connecting with each other.


Yin Yang Yoga

Yin Yang Yoga is a practice that balances the slow paced Yin Yoga with the dynamic flow Yang yoga that warms up your body. It focuses on relaxing (Yin) and strengthening (Yang) in which you are both physically challenged and completely relaxed. It blends softening and strengthening elements with the purpose of balancing the body, increasing the energy flow, and giving you a peaceful balanced mind and body.

Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy utilizes various yoga postures, breathing exercises, meditation, and guided imagery to improve mental and physical health. Yoga Therapy is considered to be a well-established treatment for depression and anxiety.

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