Back Opening Series
Strengthen Your Spine - Backbend Workshop with Master Kamal

21 & 22 May 2022 (Saturday & Sunday)   RESCHEDULED

2.00-5.30pm (7 Hours)

In this 7 hours Backbend Workshop, we will look at how different body types approach backbends differently, why we backbend and how to do it safely, confidently and with control. We will look at backbend poses in depth, with variations suitable from beginner to advanced practitioners, warm up sequences to get the most out of your backbend, and how to use various props to expand more and go deeper in your practice. The topics which will be covered during the workshops:

  • Anatomy of the spine

  • Philosophy and benefits of backbending

  • How to handle the emotional aspects of the backbend poses

  • How to integrate the new knowledge into your practice

  • Limitations in backbends in different body types

  • Backbend practices with the focus on developing a strong foundation to prepare our body for the next level


In the first workshop, you will establish a solid foundation with slow, detailed and sometimes intense work on backbends. Master Kamal will teach you how to modify poses to suit the needs of your own body which will build your body intelligence and awareness of backbends.


In the second workshop, Master Kamal will teach you how to integrate a sequence of moving postures in your backbend practice in a safe and confident environment. You will learn how to practice backending in a deeper and more integrated way. When you merge strength and movement, you'll find the balance with grace, awareness and wholeness.

Early-Bird Offer (ends 28 December)

One Day: HK$1,360

Two Days: HK$2,380

Regular Price

One Day: HK$1,599

Two Days: HK$2,799


  • Early-Bird Offer ends 28 December 2021

  • $100 Her Own Words Gift Voucher for Early-Bird registration

  • Upon purchase, there will be no refund for any cancellation

  • The purchase is non-refundable, non-transferable and cannot be redeemed for cash

  • Photos and videos may be taken during the workshop, solely for marketing purposes

  • Adhere to the general terms of the studio policy


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