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About SambalaBhu

Sambala and Bhu are Sanskrit words. Sambala means a place of peace, tranquility and happiness. Bhu is used to indicate an occurrence.

SambalaBhu Yoga aims to provide a place where students can create symphony of life based on the rhythm of body, the melody of mind and the harmony of soul through yoga practices.

Our objective is to promote yoga in an authentic and traditional way. 

Our instructors are all well-qualified with solid academic qualifications, extensive teaching experience and robust knowledge of Yoga Science. They follow the yoga philosophy with a high level of commitment in their lives, and they wish to share their experiences with the students. Our instructors give proper instructions and attentive observations throughout the class to ensure students’ safety.

SambalaBhu Yoga offers a wide variety of yoga classes, from traditional yoga to modern yoga, intensive physical and fitness practice to breathing and mindful practice, physical therapy to mental and emotional health improvements. We also provide private yoga sessions in which our instructors can design a personal program for you to achieve your specific wellness and health goals.

At SambalaBhu Yoga, yoga is much more than a great workout. It is a way of living that aims towards a healthy body with healthy mind. 

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